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Ashley Benson is so lovely she glows

07.23.2015by: Droz

A rare moment of modesty for Ashley Benson here. Time was the PIXELS star would have unabashedly rocked the tiny cutoffs and bra without the semi-see thru thing on top to cover up the goods. I guess Ash wasn't in a "look at me" mood. Whatever the story, her more reserved perspective didn't have any negative effects on her beauty this day. That mid-afternoon sun is doing her wonders in the angelic beauty area in these pics. Quite a mug she's got there. Yeah, I could fall in love with a doll-like visage such as the one she's been graced with. I suppose it's good then that Ashley made sure that we didn't elevate her to too high a heavenly state. Thus her bird-flip there at the paps. Okay, so she's an angel with dirty wings. All the better.

Source: NSFW


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