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Ashley Benson is hip to the ripped skinny jeans look

03.09.2017by: Droz

I'd like to make a law that says anyone wishing to take paparazzi pics of hottie celebs wearing skin tight jeans, must make a point of getting shots from both the front and the back. Not that I don't think Ashley Benson doesn't impress from a forward-facing view in her skinny, ripped tightness. Girl obviously has the sort of lower half one would ideally want to see squeezed into a pair of pants like these. I just know that the ass view of Ashley in these was even better as she strolled through New York City streets. She's even making a point of keeping said ass available for pics with that short and furry little jacket. It's probably one of those things where shots without the celebrity's face in them don't sell, which would make celebrity candid ass shots purely about one's love for the ass. Obviously this pap doesn't have that kind of love inside them. Too bad, because Ashley has a lot to love there.

Ashley Benson butt

Source: Superior Pics


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