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Arya kiddin' me with how cute Maisie Williams looked at the National TV Awards?

01.22.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Her birthday is a mere 2 months after her "Game of Thrones" sister Sophie Turner's, but most people were too wrapped up in fawning over the ginger girl to realize that Maisie Williams is of age and now starting to come into her own beauty. On the red carpet of the 21st Annual National Television Awards held in London Wednesday night, little Arya Stark showed off her toned shoulders and kept things as age-appropriate as young stars these days are afforded. I can't say that I'm a fan of her nose piercing (I dislike most all facial piercings because I'm crotchety and find them unattractive) but Williams is such a doll that it's easy enough to overlook. News outlets in the UK noted that Piers Morgan was seated behind her during the ceremonies, to which Maisie cheekily tweeted in response, "Might have to bring needle with me." For those who watch GoT, you'll get the reference, for those who don't.... how the hell have you managed to live life without watching??
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