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Armani doesn't need a classy ad campaign when using Megan Fox

01.20.2011by: Lester Diamond
Whoever put together the beginning of this ad campaign for Emporio Armani deserves an award for simply "getting to the point". We all know Megan Fox is extremely sexy and has a gorgeous body, so why waste our time photographing her in cliche European style poses? Like, on a beach staring into the distance. In a coffee shop, smoking a cigarette and looking clinically depressed. Or my personal favorite, in a crowded restaurant in the middle of the most boring and serious dinner party ever (like being beautiful, rich, and in designer clothing is such a heavy cross to bear). No, the guy who ran this campaign took one look at her and said "Toss her in bra and panties, get me an old leather couch and let's get to work people!" While looking at this photo doesn't encourage me to go out and buy Armani clothing, or any woman I know Armani undergarments (as I only buy designer stuff on clearance racks, and even then it's either usually way too big, small, or just plain crooked), it definitely grabs me attention! I'm sure you marketing geniuses out there will probably scream "But that's the point!", and I'll kindly ignore you and keep staring at Megan while making plans to install a distressed leather couch in my house.
Source: Superior Pics
Tags: megan fox


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