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Ariel Winter's cleavage drowns out the music at Coachella

04.25.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Oh my. Since turning 18 this past January, Ariel Winter has opened up about having a breast reduction but not nearly as much as she's opened up the tops she's been wearing over her downsized pair. From high kicking in bikinis to attending fancy dinners in vested pantsuits with plunging necklines, Ariel has been enjoying her time in the newly legal limelight. And there's never a better place for a young person with lots of moolah to cut loose than the multi-weekend music festival, Coachella, where Winter was seen hanging out with friends while rocking a couple of different lacy halter tops and shorts cut high enough for her butt cheeks to get aired out. I joke that Bella Thorne might end up the newer generation Lindsay Lohan but I'm starting to think I need to bet my money on the "Modern Family" middle child.

Source: Huffington Post


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