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Ariel Winter took her boobs out Christmas shopping at the Grove

12.19.2016by: Cherry Liquor
Don't let Droz seduce you with his cheeky talk about it being cold in California, where Ariel Winter and her famous boobs live. If it were truly cold enough to affect her choice of attire, it would be cold enough to produce some epic pokies, something that I've noticed we don't get all that frequently from Ariel, even though she's often braless. Girl must have invested some major cash in those silicone nipple shields, the thick ones that defy nature's thermometers. I think it's funny that the kids in her family were sporting happy faces upon seeing Santa at the Grove (yes, I blanked out their faces because they're children and we're here for Winter, who's mostly not a child anymore) but I'm wager nipples to shields that the people around were looking right at Ariel's chest and exhibiting the same looks of joy. For a young woman who made such a big fuss discussing her breast reduction, she sure does seem to be on a mission to reduce the percentage of fabric she uses to cover them. Merry Christmas to us all!
Source: Daily Mail


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