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Ariel Winter rocks fake tattoos and real hotness on the Dog Years set

06.08.2016by: Droz

I was certain Ariel Winter would quickly become a phenomenon around here once she started showing off sexy a few years back. Of course, she was underage then and thus somewhat awkward to talk about in sexually provocative ways. I'm still a little challenged to give displays like those she's doing on set for this DOG YEARS movie, the praise they deserve. Despite my reservations, it's clear Ariel is a full on sex goddess now and totally owning the unique brand of sexy she's putting out into the world in overwhelming quantities. I'm not entirely sure about the plot of this movie. I gather it centers around Ariel's emotionally disturbed character (thus the tattoos and whatnot) getting a gig driving Burt Reynolds' character around. No doubt some kind of generational pathos will ensue for one or both of them in the course of the movie. Although I wouldn't be surprised if it's merely the story of Ariel inspiring Burt to sprout his first wood in decades. She's just that hot here.

Ariel Winter Cutoffs Ariel Winter Cutoffs
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