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Ariel Winter's fake tatted bod makes Trigger vroom like it was the 70s

06.17.2016by: Droz

Just to avoid confusion, Trigger is the nickname of The Bandit's car in SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT. It's the very same model 1977 Trans-Am with the screaming chicken hood decal Ariel Winter is resting her fine ass on for these pics from her movie DOG YEARS. Having Burt Reynolds and Trigger on the same set makes me wonder how much of this movie references Burt's actual life. Perhaps they'll be dipping in and out of reality for this movie's tale of a long past it actor reflecting back on his life. That actually sounds pretty cool. I have reservations about Burt being 80-years-old and in such poor health trying to make a movie, but if they can make this into a suitable tribute to one of my favorite leading men, I'm all for it.

And then there's Ariel, who clearly wants to make this movie the means by which she divests from her family show origins. She's definitely going all out in that pursuit. Obviously she didn't get a bunch of tats and a septum piercing in real life, but the effect is still the same no matter how temporary it may be. Punk girl with the arachnids emblazoned into her skin learns life lessons from an old actor 60+ years her senior while they take a road trip in a '77 Trans-Am. Hey, at least it's original.

Source: Superior Pics


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