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Ariel Winter makes the cheeky ripped short shorts her signature look

07.18.2016by: Droz

I hate to break the streak we've established this afternoon of hotties in some kind of swimsuit. However, I'm sure you'll forgive Ariel Winter for doing so. Especially since it involves her in a pair of her now characteristic poorly ripped jean short shorts. I take it her time spent in such shorts during the filming of DOG YEARS endeared Ariel to the look. Understandable. We too were endeared to Ariel's costuming. Those of you who were a bit disappointed with all the fake tats Ariel's character paired up with her cut off shorts should now be happy to see her sans ink in a similar pair. Even better is Ariel in a poorly ripped short shorts climbing into a tall SUV. Short women with barely covered big asses climbing into tall cars is the ideal setup for truly epic photographic moments.

Source: NSFW


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