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Ariel Winter made a pit stop for her car wearing diaper-like shorts

02.15.2017by: Cherry Liquor
Range Rover, Range Rover, send a different pair of shorts on over. Ariel Winter clearly has a lot of money at her disposal (that Range Rover starts at a minimum cost of $86K and you know she has the nicer, fully loaded, more expensive one) and yet she hasn't seemed to grasp how to transfer some of those funds over into her clothing purchases. When it comes to shorts, Ariel has previously been in the less-is-better camp when it comes to showing off her (let's get real here - DUMPY) ass. But maybe all of the hateful comments on social media have gotten to her despite her claim that she doesn't pay attention to them any more because wow, are those flowing shorts a step in the 180 direction. As I was flipping through various sites and found these pics of Winter gassing up her car, I honestly thought she was having a psychotic astronaut moment and was wearing adult diapers. But hey, maybe some of you dig that sort of thing.
Source: Got Celeb


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