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Ariel Winter is making it hard to ignore the fact that she's legal now

02.25.2016by: Cherry Liquor

We haven't had a chance to fully recognize and appreciate the fact that "Modern Family" star Ariel Winter turned 18-years old on January 28th. Now that she's legal to ogle it seems that Winter is going out of her way to show off what a sexy little beast she's become. At the Vanity Fair slash Fiat event in Hollywood on Tuesday night Winter wore a tiny black dress worthy of one of the younger Kardoucheians and the makeup job to go with (girls, girls, girls... do NOT paint your lip liner on the outside curve of your mouth, that shit is starting to get gross and you're going to look back on that time when you're in your 40's and see it through the same eyes of those remembering acid-washed denim and Aquanet bangs).

Winter cuddled up to her on-screen brother, Nolan Gould, who is starting to look like the young John C McGinley, while her boyfriend (some dude named Laurent Gaudette) looked like a more criminally inclined Frankie Muniz. This isn't the first time that Ariel has gotten herself in deep water with an older dude; Back in 2013, Ariel's former boyfriend (then 19-year old Cameron Palatas) got wrapped up in the family drama that resulted in Winter being removed from her mother's custody. Thankfully she's been in better hand over the past few years and won her legal emancipation last summer. 

Source: Daily Mail


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