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Ariel Winter does yoga in some skin tight shorts

09.15.2016by: No Cool Handle

Just in case you're tired of seeing Ariel Winter's ass cheeks hanging out the bottom of some tattered jean shorts, here's Ariel Winter's ass cheeks hanging out the bottom of some skin tight yoga shorts. F**king yoga; that shit is everywhere, now. During last night's mediocre premiere of American Horror Story (Season 6) some semblance of a witty line emerged: "Yoga... We used to call that stretching; something you did before you exercised." Nowadays, yoga itself is the exercise, and the paparazzi only capture hotties before or after their sessions. While most of us would've rather seen the Modern Family star bending and stretching her way to a healthier body, we have to settle for some quick back shots taken while she climbs into her ride. Any port in a storm, I suppose. She is looking a bit tighter of late; perhaps there's something to this yoga bullshit. After all, every celebrity babe in Los Angeles can't be wrong.

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