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Ariel Winter avoids being too modest on Jimmy Kimmel Live

05.11.2017by: No Cool Handle

No one will ever mistake Ariel Winter for one of the more modest young hotties out there; there are very few (if any) up and comers walking around California with their asses hanging out the bottom of short shorts. For her recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, however, the 19-year-old Modern Family star forgoes the usual bare-assed public appearance in favor of something only slightly more conservative. The rump is covered, albeit by nothing more than a bit of ultra sheer fabric because, hey, it's Ariel Winter – she'd be unrecognizable without some skin showing. If the conversation with Jimmy Kimmel about the purchase of her first home and the domestic BS she shares about her live-in boyfriend is boring to the point you begin counting all of your teeth using just your tongue, there's enough of Ariel  Winters' massive cleavage on display to keep you visually engaged. Just don't accidentally bite your tongue when you see a little bounce.


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