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Arianny Celeste in white lacy underwear needs to be seen

03.14.2017by: No Cool Handle

Anytime Arianny Celeste and Martin Murillo get together to create some sexy pictures, you can be sure, they'll do just that. This is the fourth collaboration between the two professionals and while they have succeeded in creating a set worth getting excited about; where the hell are the ass shots? There's no excuse for this and no one should have to tell Mr. Murillo to incorporate them. Even a neophyte photographer wouldn't release a set of Arianny Celeste images without including a couple of nice backside shots. The former UCF octagon girl is partly famous – well mostly famous – because of her hard hindquarters, you don't leave it out of the goddamn frame for any reason. Still, I have faith in these two. I have to believe that this collection is incomplete and the rest have yet to come. I do appreciate the chosen selection of lingerie, though; the stark white bra and panties accentuate the hell out of Arianny's smooth caramel skin. Just remember, in our ass-obsessed culture, the butt stays in the picture.


Source: Martin Murillo


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