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Arianny Celeste is the best at underboob

01.15.2016by: Droz

I don't pay much attention to Arianny Celeste's primary means of employment, namely the UFC. There's something wantonly random about the way they get into it in the octagon. A lot of times it seems to degenerate into a couple of guys just throwing chaotic punches and kicks and grabs until one falls down. It's less of a sport and more of a street fight. On the other hand you got Arianny herself, who does nothing at random or by accident. Her sexy punches are carefully and purposefully thrown to get you hot for her. Take this latest spread, where the ring girl extraordinaire is rocking some subtle yet effective underboob. Of all the various ways to sneak out some titties, I think I like the underboobs the best. For one thing, you don't see them all that often. A girl needs to have the proper anatomy for that. There's also something about that cleavage the underboobs show. It's the best way to tell when a set of tits has some girth to them, like Arianny's do. Good stuff.

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