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Arianny Celeste is bikinied perfection for Solkissed

07.16.2015by: Cherry Liquor
There are so many bikini companies hawking their wares using insanely fit and gorgeous women these days, it's hard to keep up. Most of the time I know you guys are looking at these images and not really caring where the bikinis come from, just that they have hotties such as Arianny Celeste covering their juiciest bits and pieces with them. Celeste is the model here for Solkissed, a company that describes itself as being Californian with a Latin American cultural feel to its styling. While I'm sure you're not checking out their cool patterns, it's of note that Solkissed easily gets to charge about $80+ PER PIECE. That's right, guys. The women out there with sexy bikinis have spent at least a buck and a half just to cover their tops and bottoms. As for the one-piece swimsuits, the prices still range in the $140+ pricing arena. Aren't you glad now that you can drop $10 for a pair of trunks at the local discount retailer?
Source: Saw First


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