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Arianny Celeste in a hotel room wearing nothing but underwear

09.25.2015by: No Cool Handle

Frankly, I don't care if it was room 237; I'd hop on my big wheel and pedal my happy ass right through the doors. What would make someone brave such peril? How about the hard bodied Arianny Celeste sprawled out on top of finally polished furniture, greeting you with a glass of $200 champagne in her hand, and her priceless ass up in the air. I'd f*#k my way through the boiled covered Granny from the bathtub to get to that. She looks just as hot as the day she was introduced to the world – displaying an aptitude for holding up pieces of cardboard with numbers on them. How awesome of a scandal would it have been if that was really Pope Francis's hotel room and she was waiting there for him until he finished his whirlwind tour? Even God, after looking at these photos, would have to give him a pass – a reward for spending a lifetime in the company of men wearing pageant style dresses. 

Here's a link to the awesome companion video: Sweet!

Source: NSFW


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