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Arianny Celeste flaunts her killer curves for a Clif Ellis shoot

11.29.2016by: No Cool Handle

When you put a hottie famous for an abundance of mouthwatering curves in front of a photographer who makes it a point to photograph women with an abundance of curves, well, as you can see from this set of images, the results are pretty awesome. Clif Ellis is a guy who knows how to capture the voluptuous, so it's only fitting he add more images of Arianna Celeste to his ever-expanding portfolio of big boobs and backsides. With a couple of seasoned pros like Arianny and Clif, you have to assume it didn't take more than a half day to knock this sexy shoot out – and with only four images released thus far, we'll also have to assume that more are on the way. In the interest of abundance, I've added some equally awesome bikini pics Arianny posted on Instagram. After all, when it comes to an infinitely impressive body such as hers, it's hard to know when to say when.

Source: Clif Ellis


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