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Arianny Celeste enjoys touching her boobs as much as we would

05.10.2016by: Droz

I can't blame Arianny Celeste for wanting to touch herself while wearing this stuff. The only thing that could make a body like Arianny's any better is to wrap it up in some lacy body suit thing like she's got on here. I enjoy when ladies get into these outfits. They become something like a really good-looking present, wrapped up in a super nice paper with a shiny bow. You know you want what's inside, but the present itself just looks so nice, you want to spend a little time caressing it and looking at in a delayed gratification thing. Then you tear into it like a crazed madman. Only with Arianny's kind of wrapping you get yelled at if you even dare rip it, because she paid a bunch for it. That's why it's best to let your girl unwrap herself. For one thing, she's better at it. It's also a lot more fun to sit back and let her do the work for you. It's just too bad Arianny didn't give us a demonstration of this fact here.

Source: NSFW


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