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Arianny Celeste could make your 2016 look a little brighter

11.20.2015by: Droz

What do you think the over/under is on 2016 supremely sucking? This latest round of bullshit from the cowardly terrorist f*cks seems to presage a whole lot of shit sandwiches getting served up hot for the rest of us in the months to come. The thought of that brings up a nasty bile in my throat. We're probably going to be scrambling for anything and everything to make life even a little happier. I'm not sure an Arianny Celeste calendar is going to end all our worries there, but there are worse things to look at than the supple curves of her fine ass stretched out in bikinis amid tropical climates. Should I be in need of some immediate fantasy fodder to pull me away from the travesties playing themselves out in the headlines coming through the news aggregate site, I'm sure I could make good use of some imagined time alone with Arianny. She's like the anti-terrorism.

Source: Egotastic


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