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Ariana Grande says you did not see her vagina in London this weekend

06.08.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Rather than talk about the Twitter rant that Ariana Grande went on to discuss how she's not just someone's ex-girlfriend and her disgust with the misogyny that surrounds her based on song lyrics and wardrobe choices, let's get into the Capital FM Summertime Ball performance in London this weekend, where eagle-eyed fans thought they'd gotten a glimpse of her billion dollar vagina. I found one shot where Grande's skirt flipped up while her legs were bent mid-dance and yes, it might look weird to those people who don't understand how pantyhose work. Either you're not female or you don't know any real women if you're unacquainted with the cotton patch that nylons have to help protect a woman's crotch and preserve her dignity without requiring her to wear another set of underwear with them. I've seen some of the stupidest comments online from dudes, many just grotesque commentary on stretched labia and whatnot but trust me, fellas, that's not what you're seeing. And Ariana wanted to make sure you heard it from her that it's not what you're seeing, just check out the video she posted to address the very silly matter.

Source: Saw First


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