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Ariana Grande doing her sexy kitten thing

04.28.2016by: No Cool Handle

Once you're able to look past Ariana Grande's seemingly bratty disposition (that donut licking video really did a number on her image), you may be able to spot the incredibly sexy young women she is. I've been coming back to that shot of her in the pale blue mini skirt and tank top all effin' morning, dumbfounded by how tasty she looks. I could reach for the low hanging fruit here and compare her proclivity for licking donut holes with similar intimate acts anybody looking at these photos would stand in line to perform on her... but I won't. I'll let you peruse the collection of steamy images at your leasure. Myself; I'm gonna go think of endless, sexually-laced scenarios involving this little kitty, like: crawling on all fours right before giving herself a thorough tongue bath. Or on her back playing with a ball of string, only breaking to lap up a bit of milk from her diamond-studded saucer; a gift from me after she took offense to the litter box I bought her.

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