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Ariana Grande and Jones Crow go for something artistic

01.17.2017by: No Cool Handle

Here's something of a rarity, a set of photos where Ariana Grande is not wearing a pair of plastic kitty ears on her head. Also, substituting the usual selection of bright, bold colors – we're talking hot-neon pinks, satin blues and deep purples – for black and white images. How do the artistic results fare when compared to the bright and bubbly themes of old? Meh... Maybe it's because I can't help but associate Ariana Grande with splashy pallets, this attempt at artistry left me feeling cold and wanting. Why shoot anyone in front of a trailer? When you have a photogenic cutie like Ariana at your disposable, at least make an attempt to put something complementary in frame with her, because a trailer doesn't do it. A f**king rock would've been better; go find a rock, they're everywhere. Still, those two shots of Ariana in some ballerina-type outfit somewhat justifies this underwhelming artistic endeavor.

Source: HawtCelebs


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