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Are you all about Meghan Trainor's bass?

01.07.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Perhaps it's just me, although I don't know if that's the case, seeing as I work for a website that puts a lot of emphasis on a type of body perfection that's unobtainable for the majority of human beings, but I don't think that "All About That Bass" singer, Meghan Trainor is what could be called "fat." I think she's curvy. I think she's just barely turned 21-years old last month and still has a few years to chisel out. Out of a lot of the pop stars strutting around and amping up the sexy, I think if I were being realistic and I was a dude with a skin pickle that preferred the ladies, I'd be all about Meghan. I think she's super cute and clearly the girl has something between her ears so she wouldn't be someone you'd get bored of too quickly. What about you guys? Do you need some treble or is all of Trainor's bass good for you?
Source: Celebs Life


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