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Are Clooney and Keibler kaput?

07.08.2013by: Droz

After two years of time spent as one of celebrity's prettiest couples, George Clooney and Stacy Keibler appear to have called it quits. Supposedly this is a big deal, though not really a surprise. I've heard the clock ticking on this relationship for some time now. Knowing George the way we do, you knew there was no way this guy sticks around for too long - not with the readily accessible line of hotties lined up to ride his jock. Stacy used to be one of those phenomenally good gets, but when she stopped doing the wrestling thing and also stopped doing her intensive workouts, she kind of shrunk down a good deal, losing that world class ass she used to sport. Who knows if that was the reason for this break-up. For George, relationships come to an end when shit starts getting too real for his need to keep it focused on the sex and partying to tolerate. So maybe Stacy was getting too clingy.

So they're both going solo now. I'm sure it wont stay that way for long. There was a time when the idea of a single Stacy would have been an appealing thought. I've mostly developed a "meh" feeling about her in recent years. Were I privy to their inner circle and forced to choose between them post break-up, I'd be more enthusiastic about a single George. Not because I want to get with him. I just want to go on the prowl with George. Can you imagine the hotties flying from every corner of the bar, clinging to him like cheap metal to a magnet? I've had one or two ladies man friends who have the juice to hook a wing man up with someone fairly hot for the night. Imagine the quality of hottie a night out with George promises. His buddies are lucky as hell.

Source: Daily Mail


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