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April Love Geary shows off her oiled-up bikini butt

04.19.2017by: No Cool Handle

You could write a thousand-page novel about the many adventures of Robin Thicke's appendage – the places it's been, the things it's seen – the guy has laid more pipe than Roto-Rooter. After sailing through the choppy waters of his divorce with ex-wife – and mega-hottie – Paula Patton, The 40-year-old singer/songwriter docked in port April Love Geary, a 22-year-old model with the kind of curves made for showing off on social media – which she frequently does. After all, what better way to deal with the loss of one insanely beautiful woman than by moving on to the next? And boy, does he know how to pick 'em; April's body is an eye-catching work of art. Following the curve down lower back to the protruding edges of a world-class ass may result in seeing blurred lines. Now, if only Robin would sign her up to to dance around topless in his next video, going boob to boob with Emily Ratajkowski.

Source: egotastic


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