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Apparently when you're Chloe Moretz you don't have to worry about laws, or bras

01.27.2016by: Droz

It's funny. When I was 19 and looking to get my drink on, it necessitated having to smuggle something out of someone's house, or resorting to any number of surreptitious ploys to get around the legal drinking age. We certainly didn't do it out in the open. Nor were we ever any place where we might get busted for being underage. Flash forward a billion years, where it seems such worries are no concern at all when you're Chloe Moretz and famous. Such freedoms are granted any and all underage folks in Hollywood, many of whom routinely emerge from posh LA nightclubs at the wee hours. Back in the day there were also serious risks for any girl who emerged from a nightclub wearing something see thru and falling off her, sans bra, and staggering through a parking lot with some dodgy-looking companion in tow. All this was generally inadvisable and fraught with negative consequences. But again, it would seem Chloe is immune from all that. Add this to the list of advantages for the famous and hot.

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