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Apparently Elizabeth Banks' Rita Repulsa will be leaner, meaner & greener

04.28.2016by: Cherry Liquor
As far as I'm concerned, Elizabeth Banks can do no wrong. Hell, people must agree with me or they wouldn't have kept Effie in THE HUNGER GAMES movies for longer than the book allowed. However, for those of you who love the Power Rangers, I've heard some complaining about how they're changing the character of Rita Repulsa to accommodate the beguiling attractiveness of its star. The quintet of superheros' archenemy originally looked like this:

Most well known as played visually by a either Machiko Soga or Carla Perez (the image I used I think is the latter), Rita has notoriously been obsessed with conical shapes, from her silver tresses to her Madonna "Strike a Pose" chest piece. Obviously, this wasn't going to work with Banks' super fit shape, which needed to be capitalized on in the new movie and not hidden under a rusty brown muumuu and extensive grandma costume jewelry. Because I was never a big fan of the original set of shows (I vaguely recall going to see the first movie in theaters because my sister wanted to go), it probably bothers me less that Lizzie is looking like a sexy robotic iguana than a whatever Rita is. Then again, anyone who has read about the Power Rangers curse and is a fan of Banks might be concerned with where this whole thing is headed.

Source: Daily Mail


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