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Anyone interested in seeing a topless Charlotte McKinney?

01.26.2017by: Droz

Yeah, as if anyone really cared about seeing Charlotte McKinney's bare tits. Actually, it's bare tit, as the pic in question by photographer Tony Kelly only lets one boob out completely. The spread this pic comes from came out last year, but for some reason didn't include Charlotte in full view with its initial release. The best we got of Charlotte's nude body at that point was this one where she's doing a little landscaping in the buff.

Charlotte McKinney Nude Tony Kelly

Fortunately someone in her camp decided we all might like to finally see what Charlotte has been hiding under those barely there bikinis all this time. Personally, I'm satisfied with what I've seen. No big revelations or disappointments. She's come close enough to this in the past to make it almost anticlimactic. I am suddenly desperate for a milkshake for some odd reason, but that's nothing new for me when it comes to a Charlotte titty pic. I'm just glad they finally got this done. Now maybe it will clear the way for her to show off the other one. Anyway, here's the big NSFW pay off for all your patience.

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