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Anybody willing to go for a ride with Jehane "Gigi" Paris?

01.09.2015by: ResidentRiddle64

One model that I've definitely come across before, but never really took the time to talk about for some reason, goes by the name of Jehane "Gigi" Paris. Why I haven't really yet, I don't know, but after stumbling upon these pics of her looking totally sexy alongside an equally sexy motorcycle (I don't have any discrimination when it comes to the things I like to make love to, I knew I had to commit and write something up about her. Whether you've heard of this pretty little lady or not, these pics are definitely worth checking out, mostly due to the insanely sexy one-piece, slightly see through white swimsuit she's rocking (alongside another hottie in an exposing black swimsuit). Add to that another few pics of her in a nude colored bikini and you've got a gal they write poetry about. I can dig it. Apparently this is for something called ISHINE365, which might be whatever the hell that motorcycle is. Ride on. 

Source: Popoholic


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