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Another week, another round of Hilary Duff thickness, served up tight

03.13.2017by: Droz

Hilary Duff's continuing quest to find new and exciting ways of presenting her ass to the world continues on unabated. Now comes this rather interesting multi-tone offering of tight denim wrapped around awesome thickness. Wouldn't it be interesting to have an insight into how Hilary selects her clothing? Is her process there like most other women, who pick out things based on what appeals to them in an overall sense? Or is Hilary driven by other concerns? For instance, would she go with the frilly number that's real cute but conceals her ass? Or opt for the tighter dress which isn't as pretty, but will explode over social media the instant she shows up in public wearing it? She's probably got a lot to think about when making her way to the changing room. I sure would like to offer my opinions on her possible styling choices there. I'm available for that service 24/7, Hilary. Just let me know.

Source: Superior Pics


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