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Another new Kimberley Garner bikini photoshoot? Yes, please!

03.28.2016by: Cherry Liquor
What is there left to say about Kimberley Garner? No, seriously. What else is there to write about her? Because I live in the US, where our news is peppered with political jargon between stories about the Kardoucheian family, I haven't been as exposed to Garner, a model & former reality TV show star, who is a native of the UK. I can tell you that she easily has the best ass on a skinny girl that I've seen in the past ten years or so (I actually would be hard pressed to name a different one because I didn't study them as in depth prior to being able to call this place my work environment). She's super cute and makes the most of aforementioned ass by appearing in swimwear on a regular basis. She attends movie premieres even though she has no acting credits and fashion shows despite the fact that her modeling resume seems to consist mainly of self-appointed shoots in "candid" settings. Although really, what is there that needs to be said when you can just gaze into those cheeks and soothe your Monday woes in their cushiony embrace?
Source: The Sun


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