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Another failed attempt by Joy Corrigan to keep her bikini top on

07.14.2016by: No Cool Handle

No hottie struggles with keeping their bikini top in place more than Joy Corrigan. She's almost like an inexperienced man in the sense she can't figure out how to properly operate chest supporters, although, those same men wouldn't fumble about so much if taking them off was as easy as Ms. Corrigan makes it out to be. Is it nothing more than coincidence, this being the third time in less than a month she's been photographed mid boob slip? Or are these "accidents" really a calculated re-occurrence, cunningly staged by Joy yourself, created to give a boost to her notoriety? – because it's working. In the blink of an eye she's gone from: Oh yeah, I remember seeing her before, to Joy – spilling out of her top – Corrigan. The interesting thing to discover will be how well these incidents pay off in the long run; will they be a key factor in making her the next big bikini babe? Who knows, but I think it's safe to say... it can't hurt.

Source: The Nip Slip


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