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Another day, another tantalizing Alexis Ren spread

02.20.2017by: No Cool Handle

Pictures of Alexis Ren's tight ass, prominently featured in an assorted collection of form hugging swimwear, is becoming a weekly tradition. If she's not already, Alexis is on her way to being the in demand hottie for touting bikinis; no surprise considering how her body is genetically engineered to look amazing in anything you throw at it. Here she is pushing a new line created by Peppermayo (I can't keep up with all the f**king designers), the tight, pricey fabric used to craft their sexy swimwear firmly embedded in Alexis Ren's ass crack; the soaking wet bikini tops perfectly outlining her alert nipples. Basically, everything we want from an Alexis Ren bikini spread. The law of diminishing returns doesn't apply to this hard bodied hottie, each experiences is just as enticing as the last, no matter if there's an air of repetition or feeling of déjà vu, watching Alexis Ren effortlessly ply her trade never gets old.

Source: Peppermayo


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