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Another day, another Eliza Dushku sighting

03.17.2016by: No Cool Handle

These may not be the most stimulating images, but even without a single boob in sight, Eliza Dushku awakens dormant feelings from a fondly remembered time of fondling. A time when sexy media featuring this raven-haired beauty was not so readily available - making every bit of content released, whether it was movies or magazine spreads, feel like an occasion; same goes nowadays. Unless you're stalking her social media page, which I do, pictures of her are rare. Why? So her career's been on an indefinite hiatus, she still has plenty of sexiness to offer, and there are many who have been diligently preparing ourselves for a long awaited reunion with her anatomy. If it's a mere matter of dollars and cents, please Ms. Dushku, start a crowd funding campaign. In no time you'll have enough to hire a photographer and stage your own revealing shoot. Distribute the images on social media and people like me will ensure they circulate the web. The demand is there, I assure you.

Source: Got Celeb


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