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Another day, another dose of Bella Thorne butt

05.12.2016by: Droz

While I stand pessimistic about the quality of the movie Bella Thorne is making as we speak, I am most impressed with this movie's costume department. They've clearly come up with an inspired wardrobe for their young star to wear in her various scenes. You saw the insane dress she had on yesterday. Today's selection is somewhat less inspiring, but no less flattering to Bella's impressive proportions. I've always been a fan of short shorts ever since way back times. It's the perfect amount of tease. Just enough fabric to cover the majority of the goodies, while still leaving plenty to look at and admire. Bella's making good use out of another longtime tradition in seduction, which goes by the acronym VPL. Woody Allen fans already know this stands for Visible Panty Line. Kind of an old school thing, but still effective. It's heartening to see such a young hottie make use of an old technique. Good show, Bella!

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