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Anne Heche? Hot?

06.26.2009by: Seth Gecko

Mark this day gents because I never thought I'd ever mention this woman on MovieHotties let alone write an article about her which talks about how smokin' hot she looks. As of this morning, Anne Heche has officially made it onto my current hottie list with some absolutely incredible promotional shots for her upcoming film, "Spread". Anne officially turned 40 a month ago and I must say she has taken quite a turn for the hotter as she gets older.

So if you think I'm crazy and would never consider Anne to be the slightest bit attractive, I urge you to view the photos below because they just might change your mind. She absolutely rocks that bikini and she has a very mature face that I find so sexy. Your thoughts?

Extra Tidbit: Apparently the film "Spread" features a lot of sex which hopefully involves Heche.


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