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Anne Hathaway's gym booty is a lot juicier than you might remember

05.19.2017by: Cherry Liquor
We've seen a lot of Anne Hathaway over the years. Quite literally. Hathaway hasn't shied away from baring her breasts or doing dirty little things that you wouldn't expect someone so angelic-looking to do (or perhaps that's exactly what you'd expect them to do), but I cannot for the life of me recall Anne having such a juicy booty. It's not big, it's not wide (although her thighs are definitely thicker since becoming a mom), but that's still some tasty butt meat right there. Hathaway has been spotted at the gym a lot these days, finally amping up her workout regimen after saying she was going to take her time losing the baby weight instead of going insane like most new Hollywood moms do, perhaps getting ready for her roll in SERENITY, which is the next movie from LOCKE director, Steven Knight and not a remake of the Firefly swansong. Then again, her other current project, NASTY WOMEN, is a remake, pairing her with Rebel Wilson to lady-fy DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS, one fo my all-time favorite comedies ever. Still, you won't see me taking to YouTube to whine like a bitch the way all the GHOSTBUSTER remake unenthusiasts did.
Source: Celebzz


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