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Anne Hathaway makes her comeback in Elle, but does anyone want her back?

03.22.2017by: Droz

Anne Hathaway's new spread in Elle coincides with a few articles I was reading just the other day about how badly opinions have shifted against Anne over the last few years. There was a time not so long ago when she enjoyed life as Hollywood's "it" girl of the moment. Everybody was in love with Anne, from young girls to grown men. She had something to offer everybody. And then something weird happened - everything went right for her. At which point, all those adoring fans seem to vaporize. Nowadays you're just as likely to hear a snicker thrown her way as you are the ovations of affection she used to get. What happened there?

The articles I was reading postulated a few possibilities. There was the negative reaction many had about her transformation into a homely-looking assault victim in LES MISERABLES. Or the eyebrow-raising statements she made at the various award shows where she won for her LES MISERABLES performance. Some said it was the prolonged break she took to have her kid and how that absence caused her to miss out on a number of roles that would have kept her in the spotlight. I think there's a little truth in all of those theories. She did start to slim down a bit too much to fit into that cat suit in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Then she shaved her head and got even skinnier for LES MISERABLES, which frankly made her resemble a wet cat for a time. And many of us did kind of move on to other hotties once she got in the family way and seemingly disconnected from her fame.

What can I say? This business is a fickle one. Remain in the shadows too long or say the wrong shit, and that will be the story of you. Still, she's not so far gone that I don't remember the good old days of Anne glory. I wonder if we'll ever see them again.

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