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Anne Hathaway is 1,000 free hours of cute in denim for AOL

01.22.2015by: Cherry Liquor

At the rate that her hair is finally growing, we might see Anne Hathaway back in ponytails by the end of this year! Now that we've gotten the short hair comment out of the way, here's Anne looking adorable as she talks about her upcoming movie, SONG ONE, at AOL's BUILD speaker series in New York. I'm not sure what the BUILD is supposed to stand for, other than the fact that it's all capitalized and is a regularly scheduled event where people of difference importance talk about ideas and gives them a chance to network products/projects they're trying to sell.

As an interesting aside, Hathaway recently spoke of her admiration for fellow former Oscar nominee, Jessica Chastain, having apparently been impressed by her when the two were doing the awards circuit back in 2013. Anne claims that after talks the two had, she decided she wanted to emulate Jess more. "... So, my beauty routine is to be more like Jessica Chastain. She doesn't worry about it. She just shows up, and is who she is, so my New Years Resolution is to be more like Jessica Chastain." Well, there you go. We're going to be getting a redheaded Anne Hathaway soon. Yippee!

Source: Just Jared


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