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Anne de Paula is a painted work of art in SI swimsuit issue

02.16.2017by: No Cool Handle

I know but a few things about Anne de Paula: She's 20 years old, Brazilian and a damn fine model. So fine, in fact, Sports Illustrated chose to resurrect the lost art of body painting, using Anne as their canvas. I say lost art because there was once a time when body painting was all the rage; models were leaving there lingerie and two pieces behind, instead, holding still for hours on end so some lucky bastard could slide the tip of a paint-soaked brush all over the naughty bits. In some of the past swimsuit issues, even, every featured model would be used as a human coloring book. Now, whether because of time constraints, budget constraints or little demand for painted hoohas, the number of lucky hotties wearing nothing but color fell significantly. In this case, it's Anne de Paula who was doodled on, and she turned out to be the best reason to not cut funding for the arts.


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