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AnnaLynne McCord's firm booty is firmly on Santa's Nice list

12.13.2016by: Cherry Liquor
There was a time before Kimberley Garner when we had to get our skinny-chick-with-a-great-butt fix from AnnaLynne McCord. Back during her time on reboot of 90210, AnnaLynne was seen all over the beaches in Santa Monica and Malibu, showing off her taut & tiny rump, playing football with friends and living the high life that one does when they've kicked off a major reoccurring role on a network that usually gives shows a minimum 3 year run. Then the good times were over when CW gave the lesser magical sequel to Aaron Spelling's teenage masterpiece and we were sadly in AnnaLynne debt. I love seeing her back out and shining that big smile of hers (OK, and that cute little patoot!), even if it's more for these random pop-up events for shoe companies. I guess being a minor reoccurring regular on an NBC show ain't too shabby for bringing out the return of McCord. Those direct-to-streaming movies definitely aren't doing the trick.
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