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Annalynne McCord looked like a living doll at the Noble Awards

03.02.2015by: Cherry Liquor

When I was first covering AnnaLynne McCord a few years ago, she was the beach babe on the reboot of "90210," looking about as candid as a Kardashian photoshoot every time she was in the public eye. But over the years, as the popularity of the CW show waned and AnnaLynne started talking about her personal life, I developed a new respect for her. She's been working with a number of organizations that help to empower young women and has even spoken out about a sexual attack that happened to her from a supposed friend. Since many women get shamed when these situations happen, believing that they somehow encouraged the offense, it's important that every woman with any amount of clout speak openly, helping to reduce the stigma and allow for healing.

At the 3rd Annual Noble Awards, where celebrities are recognized in one of six categories (Homelessness/Hunger, Health, Human Rights/Social Justice, Disaster Relief, Environmental Protection and Active Duty/Veterans), McCord wore a silky gown with cut-out panels and took on a doll-like appearance although I wonder who the hell was in charge of lighting the red carpet at the event, seeing as how she looked totally different from each angle. Awe, well. Those receiving awards over the weekend included Rosario Dawson, Gary Sinese, Nikki Reed and David Arquette.

Source: Daily Mail


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