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AnnaLynne McCord had a super sexy red hot see-through weekend

02.08.2016by: Cherry Liquor
I'm kind of bummed that we really haven't seen much acting work from AnnaLynne McCord in more recent years (because I doubt any of us went out of our way to watch SANTA'S LITTLE HELPER last year). McCord played an awesome bitch along the vein of her "90210" bitch predecessor, Shannen Doherty, while on the CW reboot. She's also a great speaker who does some amazing charity work with women's rights and the protection of those abused in the sex slave trade. It's having to wait for moments like these, when AnnaLynne went out for Super Bowl weekend to hit up the ESPN party on Friday and a Rolling Stones special event in San Francisco on Saturday that we get to see this gorgeous, leggy blonde in action. And while she might be holding a Wendy's burger in a couple of these shots, I don't believe for a second that she actually consumed any of that sodium bomb. Crappy Lifetime channel movies, sure. Fast food grossness, not so much.
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