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Anna Simon really grinds my GEARS OF WAR in very little clothing

09.07.2011by: Seth Gecko

I may not be the biggest gamer in the world but goddamn do I love a good monster shoot-em-up type game with an original storyline. Games like that are in huge abundance these days but one of my all-time favourite franchises at the moment is definitely GEARS OF WAR (which I wish they would release for PS3 but Microsoft currently owns the rights for Xbox). Nasty beasts, cool anti-hero characters and enough blood and guts to make you hurl Mom's meatloaf are delivered in this series of games so most will be happy to know that GEARS OF WAR 3 is just around the corner. The official release date is scheduled for the week of September 20 so you can imagine there would be some heavy marketing right?

Well we couldn't be more right as the good folks of FHM have heard the call of the game nerds and delivered a photo-shoot that will have most of us fidgeting with more than just our game controllers. For the shoot, FHM employed the skills and killer looks of famed model Anna Simon and added some very nice touches from the game including the guns, blood, grenades and anything else they could throw in. In a post-apocalyptic world, this chick is definitely the one I want to get stuck in a deserted city with. As long as she keeps the chainsaw bayonet out of the foreplay that is. Enjoy the shoot photos and video below!


Extra Tidbit: Do you guys remember the legendary teaser trailer for the first GEARS OF WAR? It sent chills through everyone who saw it.


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2:40PM on 09/07/2011

What extremely large . . .

. . . "guns" you have, my dear. But is it weird to say her face reminds me of Lisa Kudrow?
. . . "guns" you have, my dear. But is it weird to say her face reminds me of Lisa Kudrow?
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4:24PM on 09/07/2011
I was going to write that myself!
I was going to write that myself!
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