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Anna Kendrick's shoot for Playboy is not what you've all been waiting for

11.16.2016by: Cherry Liquor

It used to be, when you heard the name of one of your most lusted after celebrities mentioned in tandem with "Playboy," you were in for the kind of treat that sent you racing to the newsstands to buy two copies (for obvious reasons, right?). Since banning nudity in their pulp version of the mag (you can still find nudes on their website, if you're so inclined to splurge for the whole enchilada platter), we've gotten some artsy shit that shows hints of the tasty bits but no more airbrushed, free-nipple perfection. So while it's still great to hear Anna Kendrick's mentioned with anything simply because she's an awesome lady, it's a bit of a heartbreaker that we're not going to get a Drew Barrymore of the '90's wet in the bathtub type of shoot from her. These pictures, taken by photographer Chloe Aftel, have the grainy appearance that something out of your dad's box of Polaroids from the '70's, but not too much else.

Thankfully, there's a video of Anna posing and being cute while talking about her book, Scrappy Little Nobody, out now. Her mentioning Ariana Grande as being an idol simply because she's the only female celebrity smaller than her is fairly funny. (That wry, wry sarcasm is so f*cking hot.) And of course, the way she tackles the question of whether or not she's pro or anti dick pics: 

"Now, this is a lose-lose question for me. I can’t be pro, because then I’ll get a bunch of dick pics. And I can’t be anti, because I’ll also get a bunch of dick pics. It’s just setting me up for failure."

So no nipples but a helluva lot of the Anna we all know and love. I can live with it.


Source: Playboy


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