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Anna Kendrick will sign your stuff while you check out her boobs

03.11.2016by: Droz

I have this funny tendency to lose sight of the drawing power Anna Kendrick possesses. For whatever reason, I find myself forgetting how adeptly she sexes herself up when the occasion calls for it. Fortunately there is always another hot Anna moment around the bend ready to knock me back into the proper mental alignment on the matter. This time it was Anna is a sexy red dress for her appearance on Late Night with Steven Colbert. Sadly for Steven, she didn't plant him a good one after her intro and walk out to the stage, like a couple of his septuagenarian guests have done in recent days. Getting a kiss from Anna in a tight red dress with the cleavage pushing out sounds nice. The problem is wanting to take that a lot further and not being able to. Pulling down that zipper looks mighty tempting.

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