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Anna Kendrick shows off all kinds of leggy Glamour

04.09.2015by: Droz

Major stockholder in sexy cuteness Anna Kendrick swings a little more toward the sexy side for her leggy Glamour spread this month. Interesting choice with the pantyhose. I'm more of a fishnet stockings man, but I can see the appeal of certain sexier styles of hosiery. It's kind of fun to ponder how far up they go. Anna's appear to go all the way.

I was just checking out Anna's IMDB page and noticed that she stars alongside both Alison Brie and Mary Elizabeth Winstead in two movies she's got coming out in 2015. That's a whole lot of adorably hot for just one movie. One of them is plenty where such things are concerned, but you start pairing off Anna and Alison or Anna and Mary Elizabeth and you're risking a clash of cutie pies. Could get ugly. Just be glad they're not all in the same movie. That would be like the ultimate sweetness showdown. Between them and the $4 candy we'd all be walking out of the theater with diabetes.

Source: Glamour


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