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Anna Kendrick showed off a lot of leg & personality for Extra

10.26.2016by: Cherry Liquor
There's probably nothing more adorable than when Anna Kendrick, a high profile actress with a bank account that would make your mother blush, makes faces like any other normal human being while waiting on everyone else to get their shit in order. While making an appearance on Extra, Kendrick was spotted adjusting her undies (or more like, Spanx, since even the skinny girls are encouraged to squeeze into those abdominal monstrosities to look as flat as possible on film) and making the exact faces that an average chick would in that situation, only with much more charm and beauty. Kendrick is heavy on the promotion of her new movie, TROLLS, what with her being the main voice in the animated fuzzy head flick, which she is rocking through even though this umpteenth appearance had to be killing her spirit just a little bit. Even Anna can't be that happy all the time.

Source: Zimbio


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