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Anna Kendrick pitched two cute looks to BBC Studios

05.07.2015by: Cherry Liquor
Life just doesn't get much cuter than Anna Kendrick in a well-fitted and fashionable frock. The PITCH PERFECT 2 star was heading both into and out of the BBC Studios in London, where she displayed her petite frame in a couple of different looks, a peachy colored dress that hugged her awesome curves and a more flouncy green number paired with her favorite sunglasses. Kendrick tweeted about the various interviews she was doing, stating that one of them would have AVENGERS hunk Chris Evans involved, referring to him as a "dude babe." As for how PITCH PERFECT 2 will weather with theater goers, I'm betting big on it placing well in the summer box office stats, considering that its predecessor made a solid $65 mil when released during the slow month of September back in 2012 and went on to rake in millions more from hearty DVD & soundtrack sales. It'll have stiff competition from fellow May 15th release, MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, but with a PG-13 rating, it's bound to bring in dollars that the R-rated action film will lose out on, and the Bellas have some serious legs to keep slowing drawing in dollars long after its opening weekend. And for those who know the fervent nature of those in Wisconsin, add in the allure of the Packers appearing in the sequel and the cheeseheads should pad the film's coffers even more.
Source: Daily Mail


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